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Bevi eliminates the need for plastic bottles and cans in your space by providing unlimited fizz and flavors on demand. In fact, in just five years time, Bevi has saved the waste generated by over 42 million plastic bottles. Help us unbottle the future!

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Looking for a healthy drink option, but worried plain water is too boring? Unboring your water with Bevi! Bevi allows you to customize your drink on the spot: choose still or sparkling, pick and mix flavors, and control flavor strength at the press of a touchscreen. Best of all, our super star service team and pro-active monitoring software will ensure your space is never left high and dry!

Bevi Countertop

Healthy. Happy. Hydrated.

Offering both sweetened and unsweetened flavors, Bevi makes it easy to avoid sugary or caffeinated beverages. Whether it’s with pure still water or one of our low-calorie or zero-calorie flavors, staying happy and hydrated is now simpler than ever.