You benefit. We all benefit.

When we say “pour something good,” we mean it. Bevi is good for workplace culture, the environment, and you. Check out some of the key advantages.

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Something for everyone

With a variety of flavors (natural, sweetened or unsweetened) and the option for fizz, there’s bound to be something to suit any palate.

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A healthy alternative

Our flavorful and fizzy water provides a healthy alternative to juices and sodas (and we never use high-fructose corn syrup). Drinking water flushes out toxins, promotes weight loss, boosts your immune system, and increases energy—for healthier, happier employees.

Benefits 3

It’s easy being green

Save the environment one sip at a time. Bevi helps lower your carbon footprint by eliminating waste from the production, transportation, and disposal of plastic bottles and cans.

One less job for the office hero

Your Bevi automatically notifies us and our partners when you’re due for a refill or service, so you never have to worry about running out or ordering again. We will personally restock your Bevi each time!

Fits perfectly into your office

Get the classic Standup Bevi, or the all new Countertop Bevi. Review your Bevi options here.