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Spread the bubbles! Bevi is perfect for any commercial space looking to go green and provide customizable beverages on demand.

How it works


Know someone who would love us? Refer Bevi to a friend, and get a a bundle of 25 reusable metal straws when they sign up!

Step 1


fill out form to get bevi


Fill out the referral form above.


Step 2


we contact your friend


We’ll contact your friend and let them know that you thought we’d be a good fit for them.

Step 3


get bevi


As soon as they sign up for Bevi, you’ll get a bundle of 25 reusable metal straws!


Who should you refer?


We’ve got a few suggestions!

Bevi is a great option commercial spaces, such as:

  • Offices and co-working spaces
  • Gyms, spas, and athletic facilities
  • Schools and universities
  • Hotel and apartment building lobbies
  • Fast-casual restaurants and breweries


Who are the typical points of contact for these spaces?

  • Office Managers, Administrative Assistants, People Ops, etc.
  • Facilities or Building Managers
  • Food or Dining Services Team Members and Dietitians
  • Restaurant/Store Manager or Supply Chain Director


What makes Bevi a great addition to their offerings?

  • A simple perk that monitors and restocks itself
  • An easy way to show an eco-conscious attitude and reduce plastic waste
  • Perfect for jumpstarting a health and wellness program
  • If the space already provides flavored or sparkling water, Bevi will cut labor costs and save the time spent restocking and taking inventory