Bring Bevi to Your Office - Win $100 Amazon Gift Card

While you can’t bring Bevi home, you can help bring Bevi to your office! Refer your Office Manager, and we’ll send them a quick intro to Bevi email. Drawings for the monthly gift card take place on the last day of the month.

Refer Your Office Manager


Be the Office Hero—we’ll keep your identity anonymous!

Once we have your Office Manager’s contact info, we’ll send them a quick intro email outlining all the reasons why your office will love Bevi. Unless you check the “reveal my identity” box, we’ll keep your identity hidden in our message. (Remember, though, if you want credit for your heroics, you’ll have to take off your mask. ?)

Endless flavor at the press of a touchscreen.

Bevi allows you to customize your drink on the spot: choose still or sparkling, pick and mix flavors, and control flavor strength at the press of a touchscreen. Offering both sweetened and unsweetened flavors, Bevi makes it easy to avoid sugary or caffeinated beverages. Whether it’s with pure still water or one of our low-calorie or zero-calorie flavors, staying happy and hydrated in the office is now simpler than ever.

Customize your drink at the press of a touchscreen.

Reducing plastic waste, one refill at a time. ?

Bevi eliminates the need for plastic bottles and cans in your office by providing unlimited fizz and flavors on demand. In fact, in just five years time, Bevi has saved the waste generated by over 25 million plastic bottles. Help us unbottle the future!