Our story

Our mission

Bevi’s mission is to reinvent the existing wasteful beverage supply chain.

How are we going to do this? By providing you with irresistibly healthy drinks sourced from your own tap and customized by you. Our Internet-connected machine will not only provide us with data to uncover beverage trends—it will also notify us when stocks are running low in the machine, enabling us to proactively service them before drinks run out. Basically, it’s the smart water cooler you’ll never have to worry about again.

Powered by our clairvoyant-level customer service, we’re going to make it easy and delicious to eliminate bottled and canned beverages, one pour at a time.


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    Sean Grundy Co-Founder and CEO
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    Eliza Becton Co-Founder and Head of Product
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    Frank Lee Co-Founder and Head of Marketing

How it all began

In 2013, three friends—Sean Grundy, Eliza Becton, and Frank Lee—were brought together over their passion for clean water and the environment. Urged into action by the infamous Pacific Garbage Patch, they put their heads together to figure out how to out-design bottled water, one of the most wasteful products in the world, and yet, one that continues to grow in popularity.

They realized that the only way to make any impact was to change user behavior, and to do that they would need all of their combined skills, gained through one industrial design degree from RISD, two MBAs from the MIT Sloan business school, and their various experiences working for sustainability organizations . After several embarrassingly terrible prototypes (like cardboard box market tests and gigantic vending machines), they came up with a smarter water cooler that dispenses customizable drinks—flavored or pure, sparkling or still—and thus, Bevi was born.



We’re always looking for talented and team-minded individuals to join our mission. If this sounds like you, check out our Careers section.