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See the Standup Bevi and the Countertop Bevi in action at customer sites. The Standup unit is less than 1/3 of the size of a refrigerator. The Countertop unit retrofits your top and bottom cabinet spaces into a Bevi machine.


Don’t just take our word for it. Read the words of those who enjoy Bevi on a daily basis.

“It’s rare to introduce a new product to our employees with the overwhelmingly positive feedback that has been generated by Bevi. It is a favorite feature for everyone in our head quarters in Cambridge, MA. In addition to providing a great product, the elimination of plastic bottles from the waste stream is a great tool for Akamai’s broader sustainability goals. “

– Matt Burgess, Operations Manager

“Bevi is now in all our kitchens at Lyft HQ. Previously, we stocked other flavored waters, both still and sparkling. Bevi has allowed us to lower overall beverage costs, and reduce our overall carbon footprint. It has been a little over a year now, and we have saved $60,000! The service team is also extremely responsive making the management experience very hands off. “

– Matt Mohammed, Workplace Services Manager

“Bevi aligns well with our goal of providing healthy snacks and beverages to our team, while being environmentally conscious. With a creative interface and a variety of delicious flavors, Bevi has made drinking water fun again. Bevi replaced our Coke products and has won over a number of our biggest soda enthusiasts. We love our Bevi units here at SHYFT Analytics.”

— Michael Brown, Vice President of Talent

“Our team can’t say enough about the Bevi machine. It’s everyone’s favorite part of the new office, and a delicious surprise we love to show off to guests. We wanted to give our team something awesome and I hate the waste that comes with cans and bottles. Our Bevi machine was the perfect solution.“

— Kathryn Minshew, CEO

“I’m not going to lie, our office is chock-full of sweet perks, but our new Bevi trumps them all. Before the Bevi arrived, I didn’t really like drinking water and I actually disliked seltzer water. But NOW, I am filling up on my water bottle multiple times a day with Bevi’s delicious natural-lemon flavored seltzer water. I am so obsessed! Thanks, Bevi!“

– Kate Kentry, Office Manager

“Bevi has been an amazing addition to our new office. Our office loves how environmentally friendly we’re being, while also enjoying the great flavor options. As office manager, I LOVE the convenience of not having to think about our water at all. They take care of everything, leaving me to focus on other tasks. The Bevi team has been so great to work with and we can’t say enough great things about the machine!“

— Julie Jacobs, Office Manager

“It’s been such an awesome addition to our office. It has not only saved me from a ton of complaints about our 5-gallon water jugs and cans of sparkling water being out, it has also saved me a lot of work and money. We had a pretty heavy growth period at the end of last year and were spending too much money on water. We wanted a new option, one that could cut waste and modernize our beverage options, so that people can stay hydrated while having fun. Everyone uses [the Bevi], and everyone loves it.”

Sean Harrison, Director of Recruiting

“The Bevi is the centerpiece of our office. The machine has a cool design, small footprint, and is visually appealing. New employees and guests are always drawn to it and ask, ‘what is that?’“

— Brian Campos, Facilities Coordinator

“Not only do they provide a great product that our members love, Bevi’s customer service is fantastic. They are prompt to respond to emails and monitor our machine to provide servicing when needed. Working with Bevi has been more than a pleasure!”

Lauren Ravert, Community Manager Back Bay

“We love our Bevi. A recent new hire said she knew she picked the right place when she saw our machine.”

Ray Bixler, CEO