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Is there a cost to add touchless dispensing to my Bevi machine?

No, the touchless feature will be rolled out to all Bevi machines free of charge. 

Can I still use the screen if I don’t have a cell phone?

Yes! You can dispense using either the touchscreen or your personal phone.

My Bevi machine is not connected to the internet, how do I get connected?

To get your Bevi connected, reach out to support@bevi.co, and they will be able to get your machine online.

Will the touchless feature be available on all Bevi machines?

Yes! The feature will be rolled out to all Bevi machines that are connected to the internet.

How does touchless dispensing work?

Each time you use the machine, scan the QR code on the Bevi touchscreen with your phone’s camera or QR reader app. Open the link that appears on your phone’s screen and dispense your drink just like you would with the Bevi touchscreen, and disconnect from the website.

How much caffeine is within Bevi’s Peach White Tea + Caffeine?

There is 35mg of caffeine within a 12oz pour; this is the same amount of caffeine as found within a white tea.

What type of ingredients does Bevi use in its flavors?

All Bevi flavors are made of natural ingredients. “Natural,” in context of flavors means that the flavor originated from a natural source and therefore no synthetic raw materials are a part of the formula. 

Are Bevi flavors made from fruit?

Bevi flavors are made with natural ingredients which are derived from natural sources. Bevi flavors do not contain juice. 

Does Bevi use anything in addition to the natural ingredients?

Bevi flavors never contain artificial ingredients.

What is in Bevi’s sweetened flavors?

Bevi’s sweetened flavors are sweetened with either Stevia (0 calories) or with Sugar (containing calories). We never use any high fructose corn syrup in our flavors. 

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