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8 Conferences for Executive Assistants Happening in 2019


2019 Conferences


Grab your favorite pen, a pile of sticky notes and some Executive Assistant friends, and get ready to be inspired! Check out this list of the top conferences for Executive and Administrative Assistants happening in 2019.


1. Admin Bash

Host: OfficeNinjas
When: 5:30-9:30pm, April 24, 2019
Where: San Francisco, CA
Cost: $


“Like any phenomenon, Admin Bash can’t be fully explained.”

Admin Bash - Bevi Team - OfficeNinjas

If you can only attend one Executive Assistant conference in the upcoming year, put Admin Bash at the top of your wish list.

While it only lasts a few hours, Admin Bash is jam-packed with networking opportunities, sweet raffle prizes, decadent apps and desserts, the most legendary swag bag you’ve ever seen, hand-picked vendor marketing, and best of all, a massage lounge. It’s like receiving a whole year’s worth of gratitude in just a few hours.

Sign-up here today to get the early bird discount, and get ready to party with 500 of your fellow career administrative professionals. And if you can’t make it out to San Francisco, try attending one of their smaller Admingling events in a city near you.


2. ELS Forum Series

Host: Executive Leadership Support Forum
When: All year long 
Where: Throughout the US & Canada
Cost: $$$


“We believe executive assistants can achieve greatness in their career.”


els forum logo


The Executive Leadership Support Forum Series is half a professional development course, half a networking opportunity.

Designed to address the specific needs and aspirations of Executive Assistants and other Admins, these educational forums strive to inspire growth, collaboration, and community among their participants. Learn how to improve your management abilities and further develop your leadership skills by attending academic-style seminars. Compare notes with your peers. Hear from industry leaders. This forum is truly an EA’s dream.   

ELS Forum has over 25 events planned for the upcoming year. Check their extensive event calendar to find out when they’re coming to a city near you!


3. Camp Org Org

Host: OrgOrg
When: TBD
Where: San Francisco
Cost: $


“You empower your company. We empower you.”

Ryan & Katie at an Event

In 2018, OrgOrg hosted their first annual conference, Camp OrgOrg. This one-day conference was specifically designed for ‘Organization Organizers,’ or the people behind the scenes, like you, that make sure everything at work works. With a diverse lineup of panels, workshops, breakout discussions, and social activities, the goal of Camp OrgOrg is to leave attendees equipped with new skills, tools, peers, and motivation to do their best work. While it’s still unclear if and when they’re hosting a second annual Camp OrgOrg, keep an eye out!

As you wait anxiously for the announcement, be sure to join their community of office managers, executive or administrative assistants, facilities managers, HR enthusiasts, and the like. You’ll gain access to exclusive resources, groups, and event announcements, all while connecting with your peers from across the country.


4. Culture Summit

Host: Culture Summit
When: June 25-27, 2019
Where: San Francisco, CA
Cost: $$$


“Build the culture you want to work in.”

Culture Summit 2018 Bevi Team

Whether you’re a small startup building out a People Ops team or you’ve been nominated for a ‘Top 10 Places to Work’ award, the Culture Summit is the place to be.  

Unlike some of the other conferences on this list, Culture Summit is open to anyone interested in creating strategic, culture-focused initiatives in the workplace. (Given that Executive Assistants play such a huge role in establishing the tone and culture of the office, this conference is particularly relevant to the role.)  You’ll leave the summit armed with the data, research and actionable ideas you need to become a Culture Champion for your company.

Sign-up here to receive an email notification when their Super Early Bird tickets become available.


5. IAAP Summit  

Host: International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP)
When: July 18-21, 2019
Where: Baltimore, MD
Cost: $$$


“…leaving you prepared to take on that next project at your desk. Then, who knows, maybe the world.”


iaap logo


Happening this year in Baltimore, MD, the annual IAAP Summit offers the essentials tools, resources, and inspiration every office manager and administrative professional needs to succeed. This four-day long immersive experience includes Key Notes from Laura Schwartz and Anne Grady, as well as educational sessions, networking hours, and a ‘marketplace’ time to meet with office solutions vendors.  

Ready to be empowered and inspired? Sign-up for this year’s summit here. You can also check out the summit’s future locations here you’re unavailable to attend this year.


6. Administrative Professionals Conference

Host: American Society of Administrative Professionals (ASAP)
When: September 21 – October 3, 2019
Where: New Orleans
Cost: $$$


“Unmask your potential.”


Self-described as the ‘the premier training event for Administrative Professionals and Executive Assistants,” the 26th annual Administrative Professionals Conference boasts a robust lineup keynotes, panels, software training sessions, and more year after year. If your a career Executive Assistant or Administrative Assistant looking for advice on how to train new admins, or a junior Admin looking to master Excel, the Administrative Professionals Conference has the panels and roundtables for you.

While it is one of the more pricey conferences on this list, it’s worth every penny. Sign-up for the conference before January 31st and receive $200 off your registration; ASAP members also save an additional $200. Check out the pricing, and location details today, and subscribe to updates here.   


7. Executive Assistants’ Summit (EA Summit)

Host: American Society of Administrative Professionals (ASAP)
When: September 22-25, 2019
Where: New Orleans
Cost: $$$


“Where Executive Assistants become Exceptional Assistants.”

Executive Assistants’ Summit (EA Summit)

Held concurrently with the Administrative Professionals Conference, the EA Summit is tailored to senior-level EAs who are viewed by their companies as essential business assets. Compared to the more general programming at the APC, this summit is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of EAs who provide high-level support to C-Suite individuals. In addition to targeted EA training sessions, participants are also able to attend any of the concurrent APC programming.

Visit their website to find out more and take $220 off your registration today!


8. The Empowered Assistant

Host: Office Dynamics
When: October 15-18, 2019
Where: Las Vegas
Cost: $$$


“Focus on what matters.”



For the past 25 years, the Office Dynamics team has put together a dynamic lineup of expert admin speakers that offer real-world solutions at their annual Empowered Assistant Conference. Complete with a themed gala night, the conference is hosted by the Founder and CEO of Office Dynamics International, Joan Burge. One of the leading experts in the demanding field of management support, Joan has been empowering executive assistants and administrative professionals since 1990.

Check out the impressive lineup of speakers and grab a ticket before December 31st, 2018 to get $300 off  your registration.

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