All in a Day’s Work: Simple Wellness Tips for your Time at the Office

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By Tricia Mirchandani

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Your body aches as you close your laptop and pick up your bag. Your stomach rumbles all the way to the elevator. You hope it settles before it announces to an elevator full of people that you skipped lunch. You push open the doors to your building and catch the sun in its final minutes of the day. And that’s when you realize. You haven’t eaten all day. You also haven’t walked outside or stepped away from the office at all. You expect to feel productive and accomplished. But, instead, you feel tired.

All of us fall into this trap from time to time. A busy season hits and we find ourselves bound to our desks by imaginary yet strong chains, driven to productivity. We convince ourselves that we don’t have time for wellness, that we’ll catch up on everything else when we have more time.

But taking care of your physical, emotional, and social wellbeing doesn’t take as long as you think. Here are a few ways to incorporate wellness into the already established rhythm of your day that not only won’t detract from your work but may make you more productive.

Start Right in the Morning

The way you start your morning can set the tone for your entire day. Start with a flurry of emails and bustling and your day is likely to follow suit. So why not set a tone of wellness?

Get a glass of water before you turn on your computer

Most of us forget to drink water during our busy days. The resulting dehydration we suffer not only leads us to feel achy and ill by the end of the day but also inhibits our ability to pay attention to the work at hand. Set yourself up with a glass or reusable bottle full of water before you do anything else.

Sit (or stand) up straight from the beginning

Posture is another key element of wellness that we don’t think about as often as we should. Keep this top of mind when your brain is fresh in the morning and you may find you naturally fall into better posture all day long.

Take a few mini breaks

Resist the urge to power through to the lunch hour and walk away from your desk about once ever half hour during the morning. Refill your water glass, say ‘good morning’ to a colleague, and take a look outside to take care of your physical, emotional, and social wellness all at the same time.

Break at Lunch

Whether you work at your desk, eat while you meet, or breeze right by the lunch hour, it’s time to consider a mid-day break. Here are a few ways to consider.

Walk at lunch

Experience the weather outside before the day is over with a quick lunchtime walk. Walk to pick something up for lunch or just walk around the block. The physical activity, fresh air and sunshine will do more for you in those ten or fifteen minutes than all the emails you could answer in that time ever could.

Eat a healthy lunch

Had a donut for breakfast? Lunch is a time to turn it all around. Know that you’ll be seeking candy for your sugar slump later in the afternoon? See if you can load up on the protein you need to carry you over that slump and beyond.

Wash your hands

Both before you eat and after, wash your hands. Can’t always make your way to soap and water? Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer at your desk to help you keep germs from entering your body.

Clean Before You Leave

Before you leave, think ahead to tomorrow morning and prepare your desk. Disinfect your desktop, mouse, keyboard and other materials so that everything is germ free to greet you the next morning. Clear away clutter so that you’re refreshed mind has a fresh place to start. Ending today with wellness in mind will set you up for an on-track tomorrow.

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