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Employee Spotlight – June 2019


Learn about the members of our wonderful Bevi Team!

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Preamble by Celeste Popitz, Digital Marketing Intern

As an intern at Bevi, it took only a few hours into my first day in the office to realize that I was in an extremely accepting community. Coming from a different industry altogether, a more traditional and conservative one, I could see the stark difference in the way team-members treated one another. One of the first Slack messages I received was from fellow team members who were announcing the launch of Bevi PROUD, our company-wide LGBTQ Alliance. As a member of the community seeing this was extremely comforting to me in ways that I never felt at my old company.

Beyond the launch of this new alliance, it is clear that diversity and inclusion are ingrained into the fabric of Bevi’s culture. Everyday someone from the team raises a question of how we can be more inclusive, accepting and kind to one another. I’m 100% positive that the reason I feel so comfortable here is because of that wonderful team and it is for this reason that I wanted to start an Employee Spotlight section of our blog. Here you will be able to learn all about those Bevi employees that create an ecosystem of acceptance and love. So here are our first three spotlights, and please lookout for a new feature every month!


Jenny Seto Bevi's Partner Success Manager

Name: Jenny Seto

Role: Partner Success Manager

Office Location: Used to be NY, now SF!

What does Diversity & Inclusion at Bevi mean to you?

An ever-evolving melting pot of cultures, languages, traditions, lifestyles and most importantly, community and one-ness.


What does working at Bevi mean to you?

It means working with both smart and passionate individuals with fascinating backgrounds. Bevi is ever-evolving and playing with what’s possible with purpose. There’s never a day that is the same. 


What is your favorite flavor and customization and why? How does this relate to the way you see yourself?

Sparkling strawberry lemongrass – refreshing, creative and totally not what you expect!


Passions & interests outside of the office: Surfing, sustainability, wellness, and travel!


Rhiannon Chiacchiaro Bevi's Team Lead, Customer Success

Name: Rhiannon Chiacchiaro

Role: Team Lead, Customer Success

Office Location: Boston

What does Diversity & Inclusion at Bevi mean to you?

It means actively bringing on and appreciating people of all backgrounds, not just ones that may be easy to support. It means being intersectional and recognizing that issues of sexuality, identity, race, religion, ability, economic status, etc. do not exist in vacuums but rather play together to create a population with a wide set of experiences. It means not just hiring people to fill “checkboxes,” but creating an environment where everyone feels encouraged to be themselves, to refer others to work here, and to feel empowered when living their truth.


What does working at Bevi mean to you?

Working at Bevi has been a way to learn about the inner workings of a growing business, with the added benefit of a leadership team that sees value in transparency and input. There are things I didn’t previously understand, and being here helps me learn why certain decisions are made and get context I never had. It also means working together on a team that is using the practical stage of consumerism to actually drive effective and ethical change, rather than to just make a ton of cash.


What is your favorite flavor and customization and why? How does this relate to the way you see yourself?

I love putting Peach or Raspberry sparkling water into my iced tea. It is bubbly and tastes like a treat, but is still healthy (which I feel reflects on the type of person I want to be). I’m also a huge tea drinker, so I like that getting my fix doesn’t interfere with me enjoying the Bevi.


Passions & interests outside of the office: Singing is a huge one for me, as well as gaming of all varieties (board games, cards, RPGs, LARPing, video games). I’ve begun sailing, which is something I’ve desperately wanted to do for a long time. I’m also a big reader and massive foodie, and I knit and crochet in the winter for gifts. My biggest passion, however, is mental health. My life’s goal is to become a mental health advocate and help people across the country (and maybe the world) accept that emotional and psychological wellness is a valid and vital part of their overall healthcare.


Alyssa Parchment , Bevi's Director of Beverage Research & Design

Name: Alyssa Parchment

Role: Director of Beverage Research & Design

Office Location: Boston

What does Diversity & Inclusion at Bevi mean to you?

Diversity and Inclusion mean celebrating our individuality as a collective group and giving each person an opportunity to educate others on things that are important to them. Everyone should feel like they are valued and important members of the Bevi family.


What does working at Bevi mean to you?

Working at Bevi means contributing to a greater cause than just providing amazing beverages from a cool machine. Sustainability is the founding pillar of our company and we are doing a huge service to our environment and therefore our future by reducing plastic waste from office to office. Bevi gives me the freedom to be creative within my role and to also work with other team members that are interesting and engaging.


What is your favorite flavor and customization and why? How does this relate to the way you see yourself?

I love mixing Cucumber and Lime Mint – these flavors are unsweetened and taste like I made it fresh at home! It keeps me relaxed and feeling like I’m at a spa. This one makes me feel cool, calm and collected in a sometimes stressful world.


Passions & interests outside of the office: Cooking, trying new cocktails, listening to music and going to concerts, gardening (I’d like to get back into it!), and being outside with friends and family.


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If you’re interested in joining the team check out our current job openings here: https://www.bevi.co/careers/#opportunities

Celeste Popitz

Celeste Popitz is a part-time consultant to Bevi's marketing team while she completes her MBA degree program at Boston University. She has a passion for spreading stories about innovative companies that strive for positive social impact as opposed to only financial gains. In her free-time, you can find Celeste creating playlists for her friends, attending music festivals, or simply looking for the nearest dog to pet.

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