Bevi / October, 31, 2017
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Costume Ideas for Inanimate Objects


By Carmen Ren

You could dress up as an inanimate object for Halloween or, better yet, dress up inanimate objects—more fun for you and much less embarrassing. 

This post was inspired by LevelUp dressing up their Bevi machine as a—gasp—Coca-Cola machine.

But don’t be scared: there’s definitely no high fructose corn syrup in our drinks. (Also, no Bevis were harmed in the making of this costume!) 

And so we spent the morning costume-ing various objects in our SF office: 

1. Basketball fan


2. Screwdriver


3. Ghastly plant

Extra points for using an actual dead or dying office plant…


4. Pirate


5. Cabinet drawers


And here’s a pun video with even more costumes for inanimate objects:

Happy Halloween! 

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