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8 Tips for Planning a Community Service Event for Your Office

Boost company morale and increase employee engagement with an organized community service event that capitalizes on your employees' skills and interests.

Office Hacks | 5 min Read

9 Office Move Tips

By Jaclyn Hoffman Whether you’re moving down the street or across town, an office move can be stressful and frustrating. Here are a few tips to help you avoid the headache and to get your new office space up and running smoothly! 1. Start planning for your move as soon as possible. Whether you have […]

Office Hacks | 6 min Read

10 Tips for Throwing an Epic Office Party

By Jaclyn Hoffman Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, company events are a great way to remind employees that you care. Sure, you can provide a 6 pack on a Friday afternoon, but the promise of free beer only goes so far when there’s the freedom of the weekend on the line. Take your […]

Office Hacks | 3 min Read

The Pros and Cons of 8 Different Office Snack Services

By Jaclyn Hoffman Providing in-office snacks is a great way to enhance your employees’ lifestyles. Not only is it a way to remind your employees that the company cares for their wellbeing, but it helps employees be more productive and cuts down on time spent traveling outside the office for snacks. However, stocking your break […]

Office Hacks | 7 min Read

9 Simple Ways to Recognize Employees

By Jaclyn Hoffman Hey, we just wanted to let you know that you’re doing a great job today!  Didn’t that feel nice? (You totally deserved it by the way. 😉) Studies have shown that recognizing employees for their achievements has multiple positive effects on the workplace: it increases productivity, encourages social interactions, creates an overall feeling […]

Office Hacks | 4 min Read

9 Easy Ways to Make Your Office Feel Less Like an Office

By Jaclyn Hoffman 1. Add some green Your plants may call you the Grim Reaper at home, but why not give your green thumb another try at the office? Keep the low maintenance plants like succulents and cacti for yourself, and bribe other employees to adopt the “survival challenged” greenery. 2. Exploit your employees Snap […]

Office Hacks | 3 min Read

11 Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong at the Office

By Jaclyn Hoffman Why be the office chump when you can be the office champ? Power up your office game with these hacks! 1. Don’t wait in line to use the microwave. Share the space by boosting your bowl with a mug! 2. Use binder clips to keep your cords from tangling… 3. …or to […]

Office Hacks | 2 min Read
Sparkling coconut lime Bevi

Bubbly with Bevi: Sparkling Coconut Lime Mojito

Transport your office's Happy Hour to somewhere breezy and tropical with this Sparkling Coconut Lime Mojito made with Bevi water.

Office Hacks | 2 min Read