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Welcome to the Touchless Workplace

In a survey by global design and architecture firm, Gensler, only 12% of U.S. workers want to work from home full-time. Most want to return to their offices and workplaces – but only with changes that protect them from Covid-19. An abundance of floor graphics reinforcing safe distancing, corridors with one-way foot traffic, and mask-wearing […]

Office Life | 3 min Read

Virtual Panel: The Future of the Workplace

On June 3, 2020, Bevi hosted a roundtable where business leaders discussed the considerations and their approaches to bringing employees back to the workplace. Among the topics covered were, strategies and precautions for bringing the first employees back, how technology will play a role in creating a safer workplace, and employee wellness moving forward.   […]

Office Hacks | < 1 min Read

Must Go Conferences for Office Managers in 2020

It’s no secret: as an office manager and administrative assistant, you play a critical role in your office. From ensuring employees have the resources and supplies they need, to scheduling interviews, meetings, and celebrations, you are the gears (and the grease!) that keep day-to-day operations running smoothly. When you’re set up for success, the entire […]

Office Hacks | 6 min Read

Can Better Water Options Help You Retain Talent?

Many companies these days understand the importance of retaining brilliant young talent as well as the cost associated with high turnover rates. Over the past decade, it has become increasingly common to invest in corporate perks such as ping pong tables and bean-bag chairs, napping pods and meditation rooms. While these office additions may help […]

Office Hacks | 3 min Read

3 Ways to Implement Sustainable Practices Company-Wide

As the general public consensus continues to shift towards a greater environmental consciousness – a phenomenon being labeled ‘The Attenborough Effect’ – an increasing number of businesses are beginning to implement eco-friendly practices into their daily operations.  Today we’re taking a closer look at how we can introduce sustainability in office environments across the board. Ensuring […]

Office Hacks, Sustainability | 3 min Read

How to Create Wellness Spaces at Work

A healthy workplace is a productive workplace. More companies realize that an improved work environment has many benefits for everyone within the office. Happy employees tend to stay with the company longer. Creating wellness spaces at work is a newer trend bringing positive results. Wellness spaces can be complete rooms or smaller spots within the […]

Office Hacks | 4 min Read

3 Vital Features for an Efficient Office Environment

It’s no surprise that the more efficient your office space is, the more productive your employees are likely to be. The working environment plays a significant role in influencing your employees’ happiness and focus. So it’s essential that the workspace is as optimized as it can be.  That’s why today, we’re offering three ways in […]

Office Hacks | 3 min Read

Are Your Human-Centered Design Practices Hurting the Environment?

In this collaboration article with Vanessa Shaw, learn how you can move beyond human-centered design thinking and consider the broader environmental impacts of your workplace culture.

Culture, Office Hacks, Wellness | 6 min Read