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Benefits of drinking water at work

The Benefits of Drinking Water at Work

We often hear that we need to drink enough water each day (generally, about 15.5 cups for men and about 11.5 cups for women). And since most of us spend a good part of that day at work, we took a look at some of the benefits of drinking water on the job. Good for […]

Wellness | 3 min Read
Sustaining greenspace as a source of sanity. Alone for a long peaceful ewalk in the woods at sunrise in the fall

Sustaining Greenspace and a Source of Sanity

A popular way of maintaining our wellbeing  with lockdowns, shutdowns, and working from home is just getting outside. A study by Danish urban research firm, Gehl, reflects this new attraction to nature. One study respondent commented, “People seem to be using greenspace and outdoor space more than pre-outbreak — but now, even more so, it […]

Sustainability, Wellness | 3 min Read

Is Bottled Water Becoming Bottled Plastic?

There’s growing awareness of microplastics in our drinking water Every day, approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our oceans. Many of these are plastic water bottles. But recent research reveals that plastic containers may also be polluting the water inside them in the form of microplastics. Several studies have looked […]

Sustainability, Water, Wellness | 3 min Read

How are Bevi Flavors Made?

Always wanted to know how exactly your favorite Bevi flavors are made? Mystery can be alluring, but not when it comes to our food—then it’s just off-putting. If you’re like us, you feel better when you know where your food comes from. So, we’re here to bare our souls. Let’s get into it.  First: The […]

Wellness | 3 min Read

14% Faster: The Truth About Hydration

Do you ever feel downright sluggish at work? Nothing, not even your usual dose of coffee seems to help?  In the fast-paced world we live in, it is paramount that each of us can contribute to the best of our ability. We all clamor to be the MVP. The employee everyone admires, the boss loves, […]

Wellness | 5 min Read
2020 New Year Resolutions

10 New Year’s Resolutions Worth Keeping

Here’s the good news: the fact that you’re reading this article will make it much more likely that you make any progress on beneficial changes to your life this year. It is way too often that we give up on goals because we are overwhelmed by the word “resolution”. When we make our lists every […]

Wellness | 11 min Read

3 Ways To Promote Workplace Wellbeing with Your Office Design

According to recent research, mental health disorders are on the rise, and could potentially cost the global economy up to $16 trillion by 2030 through lost production, recruitment, and absence. That’s why promoting wellbeing and good mental health in the workplace can be incredibly beneficial to both staff and employers. In today’s post, we’re discussing […]

Wellness | 3 min Read

Are Your Human-Centered Design Practices Hurting the Environment?

In this collaboration article with Vanessa Shaw, learn how you can move beyond human-centered design thinking and consider the broader environmental impacts of your workplace culture.

Culture, Office Hacks, Wellness | 6 min Read