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Water Cooler Talk


3 Ways to Implement Sustainable Practices Company-Wide

As the general public consensus continues to shift towards a greater environmental consciousness – a phenomenon being labeled ‘The Attenborough Effect’ – an increasing number of businesses are beginning to implement eco-friendly practices into their daily operations.  Today we’re taking a closer look at how we can introduce sustainability in office environments across the board. Ensuring […]

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A Recycling Refresher Guide: Recycling Tips for Eco-Champions

You know you should be recycling, but you’re not exactly sure what or how. Check out these recycling tips and you’ll be going green in no time.

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The Road to Zero Waste Universities

It takes more than just a campus recycling program. Check out these 12 zero waste initiatives you can bring to your college campus.

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Bevi smart water cooler in a cafeteria

Serving Gen Z: Top 5 Dining Hall Trends of 2018 You Need to Know

How to serve the current generation of student diners. Hint: customization, convenience, and ‘clean eating’ options are key.

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Bevi facilities manager

Top 6 Must-Know Facilities Management Trends in 2018

Keep up with the trends and start attracting new tenants to your facilities today. Over the past decade, the big players within the innovation economy, the tech community and scrappy startup ventures have almost completely redefined where, how and what it feels like to be at the office. Because of this, the field of facilities […]

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30 Ways to Make Your Office More Eco-Friendly

A few small changes can have a significant impact on your office’s environmental footprint.

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Ditch the Plastic Cups: How to Start a BYOB Initiative in Your Office

That’s Bring Your Own (Reusable) Bottle, if you weren’t sure.

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Peter Frykman

Mentorship, measurable impact, and one-way tickets

An Interview with social entrepreneur and Driptech Founder, Peter Frykman.

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