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Sustaining greenspace as a source of sanity. Alone for a long peaceful ewalk in the woods at sunrise in the fall

Sustaining Greenspace and a Source of Sanity

A popular way of maintaining our wellbeing  with lockdowns, shutdowns, and working from home is just getting outside. A study by Danish urban research firm, Gehl, reflects this new attraction to nature. One study respondent commented, “People seem to be using greenspace and outdoor space more than pre-outbreak — but now, even more so, it […]

Sustainability, Wellness | 3 min Read

Office Sustainability Goes Beyond Saving Bottles And Cans

  In July of 2020, Bevi users reached a notable milestone: They helped save the planet from 200 million plastic bottles. Eliminating the need for plastic bottles and cans is a driving force behind the concept of the Bevi office water dispenser. So much so, that a user can see just how many bottles a […]

Sustainability | 3 min Read

Is Bottled Water Becoming Bottled Plastic?

There’s growing awareness of microplastics in our drinking water Every day, approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our oceans. Many of these are plastic water bottles. But recent research reveals that plastic containers may also be polluting the water inside them in the form of microplastics. Several studies have looked […]

Sustainability, Water, Wellness | 3 min Read

Rethinking Recycling

  Instead of recycling plastic water bottles and cans, what if we never had to use them in the first place? From a nightclub stage, a comedian riffs about trash and recycling. “With trash, if there’s something you don’t want anymore, you throw it away and you never see it again. But with recycling, you […]

Sustainability | 3 min Read

Considering Sustainability as We Return to Work

For those of us returning to our offices, the workplace we step back into will look different from the one we left. Desks will be farther apart. Hand sanitizer dispensers will be as ubiquitous as light switches. And floor signage and tape lines will physically define boundaries within even the most open of office plans. […]

Sustainability | 3 min Read
Bevi CEO Sean Grundy with Cheddar

Talking Water with Cheddar

Recently, Bevi CEO, Sean Grundy, sat down with Cheddar to talk about all things water. Watch the video below to hear a little about Bevi’s mission to reduce office plastic waste and how this innovative startup is changing the beverage industry office-by-office!    And if you’re interested in getting Bevi for your workspace, leave […]

Sustainability | < 1 min Read

Future of Hospitality: Sustainable Hotels

It is no secret that consumers are becoming more conscious of the long term environmental impact of their purchases. This is true for a myriad of industries including the automotive industry with people looking to replace gas and diesel engines with electric ones, as well as in our food system where people are using plant-based […]

Sustainability | 5 min Read

Is your Office Adding to the Microplastics Problem?

It’s an average morning at work and you’re sitting there going through your emails and as you’re sipping on a hot coffee in a styrofoam cup, the teammate working nearby tosses his first plastic water bottle of the day in the trash bin under his desk. At the same time, someone around the corner is […]

Sustainability | 7 min Read