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Tips and Tricks for Fitting Bevi Into Your Culture

Whatever your company vibe, Bevi can slot right in and reinforce it—it’s all about making it uniquely yours. That’s easier said than done, so for some added inspiration, consider these other easily-customizable ways of incorporating a Bevi into your culture: 1. Get into the Halloween Costume Contest For a pre-planned way to make Bevi your […]

Culture | 3 min Read

Four Companies That Made Bevi Their Own

Cultivating a consistent company culture that permeates every aspect of your business can be a challenge. It’s a delicate ecosystem—the wrong hires, norms, and even office layout can threaten to throw it off balance. We know that something as big as a new machine can feel like a risk. Will it fit in here and […]

Culture | 4 min Read
Maura Foley Business Development Representative

Employee Spotlight – February 2020

In February 2020’s Bevi Employee Spotlight, meet Maura Foley – a Business Development Representative at Bevi’s Boston office. Joined for just 5 months ago, see how Bevi has shaped her first working experience. What is your role at Bevi? I am a business development representative on the sales team. My team reaches out to potential […]

Culture | 3 min Read

Bevi Featured in Built In Boston’s Best Places to Work List in 2020

We are excited to share that Bevi has been honored in Built In Boston’s Prestigious Best Places to Work List in 2020. Bevi is ranked #24, and the complete list is available here.  Built In Boston helps Boston tech professionals stay on top of tech news and trends, expand their networks and carve out futures […]

Culture | 2 min Read

7 Tips to Planning Your Corporate Retreat

Planning a company retreat is not easy; there are so many things to remember and take care of! We at Bevi recently took two days off for our retreat in Maine, and even if we say so ourselves, it was PERFECT! In this article, our Office Operations Manager, Jill Rudnicki, shares her guide to planning […]

Culture | 6 min Read

Employee Spotlight – October 2019

In October 2019’s Bevi Employee Spotlight, meet Joe Brumaghim – a Senior Software Engineer at Bevi’s Boston office. He has been part of the Bevi family for over three years. What exactly do you do? I am a Full-stack Software Engineer. I work on everything from open valves to implement features in our servicing dashboard. […]

Culture | 2 min Read

The Loneliness Epidemic: 3 Ways to Design a More Inclusive & Social Workplace

While it’s natural at times to feel overwhelmed or stressed at work, research by the mental health charity, Mind, suggests that 60% of employees have reported feeling lonely or isolated in the office. Leaving employees to suffer in silence could lead to poor mental health, which, ultimately, could damage businesses as a result.  Today we’re […]

Culture | 3 min Read

Employee Spotlight – July 2019

What does working at Bevi mean to you? Working at Bevi has given me the opportunity to connect with so many incredibly smart, driven and passionate people. Bevi represents a shift in cultural norms toward *mandatory* sustainability. Not thinking about our environment and our consumption habits is simply no longer an option, and I’m thrilled […]

Culture | 2 min Read