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Dana Ferrante

Dana Ferrante is a writer, creative, and epicurean living in the Boston area. Fascinated by food systems, Dana has worked in kitchens, volunteered on farms, pulled espresso shots, and staged with chefs at home and abroad. In addition to her production experience, Dana is a skilled food history researcher and is currently pursuing a Master's in Gastronomy at Boston University. While she can't seem to keep her house plants alive, Dana is passionate about composting, local farmers' markets, artisanal cheeses, and of course, sustainability. Dana holds a bachelor's degree in Italian History and Literature from Harvard College.

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Virtual Panel: The Future of the Workplace

On June 3, 2020, Bevi hosted a roundtable where business leaders discussed the considerations and their approaches to bringing employees back to the workplace. Among the topics covered were, strategies and precautions for bringing the first employees back, how technology will play a role in creating a safer workplace, and employee wellness moving forward.   […]

Office Hacks | < 1 min Read

Must Go Conferences for Office Managers in 2020

It’s no secret: as an office manager and administrative assistant, you play a critical role in your office. From ensuring employees have the resources and supplies they need, to scheduling interviews, meetings, and celebrations, you are the gears (and the grease!) that keep day-to-day operations running smoothly. When you’re set up for success, the entire […]

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Are Your Human-Centered Design Practices Hurting the Environment?

In this collaboration article with Vanessa Shaw, learn how you can move beyond human-centered design thinking and consider the broader environmental impacts of your workplace culture.

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Tips for Staying Hydrated

Tips for Staying Hydrated in Every Season

Check out our extensive list of tips for staying hydrated. Whether you're caught in cold weather, surviving a heatwave, relaxing at home, or working at your desk, these tips will help you reach your hydration goals.

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Vanessa Shaw - HR and People Ops Expert

‘A Survey Doesn’t Empathize’: Insights into the Good & Bad HR Trends of 2019 with Vanessa Shaw

"Yes, bots are taking your job, but really they’re taking the parts of your job that you don’t like." Learn more about the HR trends of 2019, and how you can make an impact, in this interview with People Ops expert Vanessa Shaw.

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Bevi Sparkling Beverages Without Sugar

9 Drinks Without Sugar That’ll Satisfy Your Cravings

Whether you’re diabetic or quitting sugar, this list of drinks without sugar (or low-sugar) will satisfy your cravings and dietary needs.

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v2 recycling logo bevi watermark

A Recycling Refresher Guide: Recycling Tips for Eco-Champions

You know you should be recycling, but you’re not exactly sure what or how. Check out these recycling tips and you’ll be going green in no time.

Sustainability | 11 min Read
go zero waste featured imaged

The Road to Zero Waste Universities

It takes more than just a campus recycling program. Check out these 12 zero waste initiatives you can bring to your college campus.

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orange juice

Juicy Gossip: Why Most Fruit Juice is Just as Unhealthy as Soda

While experts cite sugary beverages as a major cause of the obesity epidemic, juice hardly ever enters into discussion. Learn why your school or healthcare facility should stop, or cut back on, serving fruit juice and offer healthy alternatives (such as flavored water) instead.

Wellness | 4 min Read