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Virtual Panel: The Future of the Workplace

On June 3, 2020, Bevi hosted a roundtable where business leaders discussed the considerations and their approaches to bringing employees back to the workplace. Among the topics covered were, strategies and precautions for bringing the first employees back, how technology will play a role in creating a safer workplace, and employee wellness moving forward.   […]

Office Hacks | < 1 min Read

Tips and Tricks for Fitting Bevi Into Your Culture

Whatever your company vibe, Bevi can slot right in and reinforce it—it’s all about making it uniquely yours. That’s easier said than done, so for some added inspiration, consider these other easily-customizable ways of incorporating a Bevi into your culture: 1. Get into the Halloween Costume Contest For a pre-planned way to make Bevi your […]

Culture | 3 min Read

Four Companies That Made Bevi Their Own

Cultivating a consistent company culture that permeates every aspect of your business can be a challenge. It’s a delicate ecosystem—the wrong hires, norms, and even office layout can threaten to throw it off balance. We know that something as big as a new machine can feel like a risk. Will it fit in here and […]

Culture | 4 min Read

How are Bevi Flavors Made?

Always wanted to know how exactly your favorite Bevi flavors are made? Mystery can be alluring, but not when it comes to our food—then it’s just off-putting. If you’re like us, you feel better when you know where your food comes from. So, we’re here to bare our souls. Let’s get into it.  First: The […]

Wellness | 3 min Read
Bevi CEO Sean Grundy with Cheddar

Talking Water with Cheddar

Recently, Bevi CEO, Sean Grundy, sat down with Cheddar to talk about all things water. Watch the video below to hear a little about Bevi’s mission to reduce office plastic waste and how this innovative startup is changing the beverage industry office-by-office!    And if you’re interested in getting Bevi for your workspace, leave […]

Sustainability | < 1 min Read

3 Ways To Promote Workplace Wellbeing with Your Office Design

According to recent research, mental health disorders are on the rise, and could potentially cost the global economy up to $16 trillion by 2030 through lost production, recruitment, and absence. That’s why promoting wellbeing and good mental health in the workplace can be incredibly beneficial to both staff and employers. In today’s post, we’re discussing […]

Wellness | 3 min Read

3 Ways to Implement Sustainable Practices Company-Wide

As the general public consensus continues to shift towards a greater environmental consciousness – a phenomenon being labeled ‘The Attenborough Effect’ – an increasing number of businesses are beginning to implement eco-friendly practices into their daily operations.  Today we’re taking a closer look at how we can introduce sustainability in office environments across the board. Ensuring […]

Office Hacks, Sustainability | 3 min Read

How to Create Wellness Spaces at Work

A healthy workplace is a productive workplace. More companies realize that an improved work environment has many benefits for everyone within the office. Happy employees tend to stay with the company longer. Creating wellness spaces at work is a newer trend bringing positive results. Wellness spaces can be complete rooms or smaller spots within the […]

Office Hacks | 4 min Read