Invest in the health and hydration of your students by bringing Bevi to your cafeteria.

Give them the healthy beverages they're asking for

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Bevi in a cafeteria

A simple way to promote a healthy, mindful lifestyle.

Industry research reveals that nutrition and convenience are top priorities for today’s consumers, especially millennials and Gen Zers. Bevi makes it easy to meet this growing demand for healthy beverage options, without putting any extra strain on your food service staff. Rather than filling plastic jugs with sliced fruit and water, our eye-catching machine will do all the monitoring and restocking for you.

Something for everyone and every diet.

Bevi will allow your student diners to customize their drink on demand. Using the Bevi touchscreen, students can choose still or sparkling, pick and mix flavors, and control flavor strength at the press of a touchscreen. All of our flavors are Gluten free and Kosher certified, making it easy to offer healthy, flavorful beverages that are suitable for any kind of diet.


Zero- or low-calorie flavors made from fruit essence ???

Our flavor portfolio currently boasts 14 flavors and is constantly growing. Offering both unsweetened or naturally sweetened, zero- or low-calorie flavors, Bevi is a flavorful, healthy alternative to traditional sugary fountain drinks. Holding up to 4 flavors at a time, the Bevi smart water dispenser allows users to customize any flavor as either still or sparkling, or simply enjoy plain filtered water.