Say goodbye to sugary fountain drinks, and hello to customizable, flavorful hydration.

Invest in the health & hydration of your patients.

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Cut the cola and lose the juice!

Given their enormous sugar content, it’s no surprise that both soda and fruit juice consumption have been linked to a risk for obesity. The Bevi smart water dispenser is a simple way to encourage patients to seek out healthier, unsweetened alternatives.

Something for everyone and every diet.

Bevi allows your patrons to customize their drink on the spot. Using the Bevi touchscreen, users can choose still or sparkling, pick and mix flavors, and control flavor strength at the press of a touchscreen. All of our flavors are Gluten free and Kosher certified, making it easy to offer healthy, flavorful beverages that are suitable for any kind of diet.


Reducing plastic waste, one refill at a time. ?

Hooking up directly to a water line, Bevi can help alleviate the waste generated by plastic bottles and cans in your cafeteria. In fact, in just five years time, Bevi has saved the waste generated by over 25 million plastic bottles. Help us unbottle the future by bringing unlimited, healthy sparkling beverages to your space!