Our story
Our Story
How Bevi came to be,
in a nutshell.
In the beginning...
During its reign, the Roman Empire built aqueducts as infrastructure to move water. In the First Century AD, a Greek engineer named Heron of Alexandria invented the world’s first water fountain. For almost two millennia, people drank from tap water being delivered by the municipal water treatment systems. However, with the introduction of PET bottles in the 1980s, plastic bottled beverages gained massive popularity.

Hero of Alexandria

The guy who kicked it all off - Heron of Alexandria
(pre-instagram) c. 10 – c. 70 AD


Testing a giant prototype when we thought
Bevi was called "Refresh"
In 2013, Bevi began when three friends, Sean Grundy, Eliza Becton, and Frank Lee, wondered why people prefer to buy bottled water over drinking tap water, and often trashing bottles after a single use. That question evolved into an idea of using design and technology to promote behavioral change. Several embarrassingly terrible prototypes later (seriously, folks, we’re talking cardboard box market tests and gigantic vending machines - for giants), the Bevi machine was born.
Today, our mission
is to turn back the hands of time (sort of) and eliminate waste from the production, shipping, and disposing of bottled beverages. We envision a future where a smarter platform (powered by the municipal water supply) transforms how beverages are delivered. It is an ambitious goal, but we are on it!